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Pi-Star settings for TGIF

To access TGIF via PI-Star there are two options.

Option 1 - Select TGIF directly as your only Network...

Image-How To TGIF Master.png

Option 2 - If you want to use PI-Star with existing Networks, you can add an additional Network for TGIF.


From the Menu in PI_Star select...


  1. Configuration

  2. Expert

  3. DMR GW

  4. Add an additional Network in DMR GW for TGIF as shown below (to copy and paste below text Click Here)

  5. From Self Care in generate or use your existing password and add it to the line starting Password="<Your Password>"

  6. Enter your DMR ID in the line where it says Id=<Your DMR ID>

  7. Configure your Code Plug for your Radio and pad out TGIF talk group numbers to start with a 5 followed by 6 digits e.g. 5052375, if the talk group only has 4 digits then add 2 leading 0's e.g. 5001234, if TG has 3 digits then 5000123, etc...

Image-How To TGIF Gateway.png


Any changes you make are entirely at your risk, the information given here is just that for information only. RadioX cannot accept any blame or responsibility if it does not work or it causes your PI-Star to stop working, It is recommended that you take your own backup of any MicroSD cards before attempting any changes.

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